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We Can’t Forget

Sorry everyone.  I keep watching the news today and I am waiting to see something about the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country.  Why are we not seeing anything?  I know that the images are brutally hard to see.  I know that there is such emotion that wells up in me whenever I see the footage of the Twin Towers being hit.  I don’t think that is bad.  We must remember.  We must never allow ourselves to become complacent.

The same security that many ran to right after these attacks is still available to all.  God has not gone anywhere.  He still reigns!  While we should never allow these images to escape our minds, we must never, ever forget that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and forever!  He is still the comforter!  He still is the Prince of Peace!  Allow Him to help you through all that you struggle with.  May His peace be experienced by you all today.  I pray that you will never forget what has happened.  I pray that you will fight for what you believe in.  I pray that you will cling to the hope that only Jesus can bring.

Teenage Affluenza Spreads…

Yes, this is a satire.  Yes, it is also true.  Yes, it is also a sad account of how most teenagers feel entitled to have more and more.

Your thoughts?  I’d love to hear your comments.