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Fantasy Football Draft Tonight

I got hooked into a Fantasy Football League through Tom Staples this year.  I have no idea what I am doing and the draft is in 45 minutes!  Pray that I get a clue real quick.  Not that my pride can’t take a hit, but I’d hate to think of how long this season will be if I am the laughing stock of the league…

Off to do some last minute research!

Fall is Upon Us in NH


With September comes 2 things that I love – High School Football and Apple Picking!  This weekend we took part in both of these activities and loved every moment of it.  Friday night Kim and I brought the girls with us to West High School to watch Kevin Germain and his team face off against the Londonderry High School Lancers.  By the end of the 3rd quarter the girls started getting tired and cranky so we decided to head out.  On the ride home we got a call from Louise (Kevin’s mom).  With 1:40 left in the 4th Kevin recovered a kick-off that was fumbled by Londonderry.  Figures…  West High won!

Today brought heat and humidity.  Lots of it.  After getting some yard work done we decided to head over to Carter Hill Orchards to get our first 1/2 bushel of Macs.  One of my favorite experiences of Fall is eating fresh picked apples right from the tree.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Another great crop of apples.


Spending time with my family doing just about anything is always a highlight of my week.  Family is important.  No matter how much we do that is good through our ministry, if we aren’t connecting with our own families – we miss the mark.  Effective and fruitful ministry always begins at home.

How are you spending the weekend?  What have you done to connect with your family this week?  Remember your priorities.  God, Family, Ministry.  Don’t let the order get out of whack, otherwise everything will be out of whack.