No Lone Rangers Allowed


Tim Schmoyer over at Life in Student Ministry has been posting on the Ten Commandments For Surviving In Youth Ministry.  Today he addresses the aspect of being team based.  Here is what he writes:

“Thou shalt not be a solo act. Don’t build the ministry around yourself. If you do, the ministry dies when you leave. Focus on building and training solid volunteers who can do ministry just as effectively as you can. Function as an adult team leader even more than you function as a youth leader. You can’t possibly reach every kid in your community, but with a strong team of qualified individuals, you multiply yourself and your reach goes a lot further than it would otherwise. If you find that you do more than 80% of the total work load for your ministry, you’re doing too much. For larger youth groups, that percentage should drop for you, too. Delegate. Train. Equip. Guide. And whatever you do, don’t be a control freak. Give your volunteers the freedom to maybe not do as well as you could on their first or second try. (I find that most of them actually do better than me!) The old cliché is true: work yourself out of a job.”

If I haven’t said it enough yet, I so appreciate the team that we have!  There is no way that Kim and I could effectively minister to and reach out to the youth at Impact the way we can without all of the dedicated service of such an amazing team of leaders.  Everything that we do, we try to do based on the method of “team”.  There is just no better way to do ministry – in any setting.  Wayne Cordeiro’s book “Doing Church As A Team” has played such a vital part in how we do ministry as a team.

“Few things are more beautiful to God than seeing His people serve and work together in a united rhythm.  It’s like a symphony to His ears.” – Wayne Cordeiro

As each of us fulfill the calling that God has placed in our lives it amazes me how He brings us all together to compliment the work that each other does.  We truly are stronger as a whole when we serve in unity.  Thank you all again for your service and yes, sometimes great sacrifice.  May you each be as blessed as you are a blessing!

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