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Snippet from “integrity”


I’m 1 chapter away from finishing “integrity” by Dr. Henry Cloud.  Here’s something that I read this afternoon while sitting in my new favorite reading chair out on the deck:

“The big things, not ourselves, are the things that make us big.  As we join them, we become larger.  The paradox is that to join things bigger than us, we have to humble ourselves and become “smaller,” in a sense.  When we realize that we are smaller than the transcendent things, and we exist for them and not for us, we grow into greatness.  The greatest people are the ones who have not sought greatness, but served greatly the causes, values, and missions that were much bigger than them.  And by joining and serving those, we see greatness emerge.”

While this book is written more from a business standpoint than for the church it nails the main point of Christian leadership.  In this day and age when we read of more and more fallen church leaders it bears reading by all church staff.  If we do what we do in our role as church leaders for our own acclaim we are missing the point.

May we look beyond building our own kingdoms, in order to join the ONE whose KINGDOM will always be.  May we lead with integrity in all areas of our lives so that HIS work in our lives will never be diminished.  Help us not to think of ourselves as the thing that must be served, but let us look around and serve those around us simply because HE serves and loves us.

And let that be enough…

Summary of the Weekend (so far…)

With Kim off in Florida for the weekend I have been entertaining the girls. Megan is on a new kick with the whole High School Musical thing. We finally let her watch it the other day and now that is all she wants to watch.

My head is getting ready to explode! In order to get her away from the DVD for a while tonight I’m starting a campfire. I’ve got marshmallows and chocolate. S’mores always serves as a good deterrent.