Mr. Mom


Kim headed out of town this morning for the weekend.  She is down in Palm Beach, Florida with Joyce Jackson.  I figure after all of my travels this summer which ended up with her at home taking care of everything she deserved a break.  Joyce has a friend down there where they are staying which was a plus for me (less $$ needed for the trip!)

Pray for Megan and Makenna this weekend.  They already miss Mommy which made bedtime was a sob-fest.  We got to play checkers tonight and read all kinds of stories.  The Concord Library is an awesome source for never-the-same bedtime stories.

Sunday morning will be lots of fun.  If any of you women are out there reading this – come early for the 8:30 service and help fix their hair!  For their sakes more than mine…

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  1. Posted by Drew on June 29, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Did anyone notice that the woman in the Mr. Mom poster has NO legs?


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