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I’m sorry, but seriously.  What are people learning in school anymore?

Angels in the Automobile


When I drove into the parking lot this morning I noticed that one of the trees and a light post  that were positioned in an island in our parking lot had been knocked over.  It looked as though a big truck had tried to make a u-turn in the lower lot and had not seen the tree or the light.

When I got into the office I received the whole story…

So there was a car parked in the driveway of the house across the road from the church.  The emergency brake gave way at about 7:30am this morning.  The car rolled down the driveway, through the very large bushes in their front yard, over the curb, across Rt. 3, down our front lawn, between a few trees, around the swing set, just by the dumpster, across the parking lot, over the small tree and light post, down to the lower parking lot over the cliff and then came to a dead stop at the bottom when the fire hydrant didn’t want to move.

Serious bit of intervention on God’s part that:

a- no one was injured (Rt. 3 is a busy road at this time of morning.

b- nothing, aside from a light post and a tree, was damaged (well, the car isn’t in very good shape…)

c- the path that the car took was all over the place (I think there was an angel going for a joy ride and he just had to hit something so he went for the tree!)

Check the pictures of the whole route on the Flickr sidebar…