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2 Weeks for Water


I did it. For 2 weeks (actually 2 & 1/2 now) I made no purchases of the liquid kind. I drank water straight from the tap and brewed my own coffee at home. Over the past 18 days I actually drank more water than I would have and the added health benefits of not drinking soda are noticeable as well! I have more energy, feel better, and have lost a few pounds.

So, the tally right now for me is $47.00 that I have saved for clean water wells in Rwanda. I am excited to hear about some of the youth that have taken this challenge as well. This Wednesday night we will be collecting all that the youth have saved.

On a side note, today is Old Home Days in Pembroke. The theme is “It’s A Wonderful World” and our church has a booth that we have done up Rwanda Style. We’ll be selling sno-cones at the booth and all of the profits will be going to the clean water wells project. If you are in Pembroke today stop on down to Memorial Field and grab a few sno-cones! We’ll be there till 9:30pm and they always have a great fireworks display at the end of the night.