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New Touch Cards are here!


Swing by the Informations Kiosk this Sunday and grab a handful of the new touch cards.   Whenever you meet someone or run into an old friend you can put one of these in their hands and extend an invite to them.

This should be a no-brainer but when you do connect with people and give them a touch card say a quick prayer for them as well.  You don’t need to lay hands on them or anything.  Just whisper a quick prayer that the Lord would draw them into relationship with Him.  Then, keep an eye out for them on Sunday mornings.  Welcome them and show them around.  Make them feel comfortable – not in a fake way – be yourself!  They came because you invited them so follow up with them as well.  Do you attend a cell group?  Invite them to that as well.

It’s the little things, personal connections, that bring people in – not flash, pizazz, or big programs!  Keep making connections and sharing your life with others!