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Lost (off season catch-up)


We just received disc 1 of season 1 in the mail (I think I am going to enjoy netflix).  It’s funny, Kim and I are usually early adopters of shows.  I didn’t start with Lost until season 3 began.  Talk about being lost!  This summer I decided that I would play catch up and see what I am have been missing.  It should be interesting to see the character development of some of the people who have already been killed off the show – I’ll be even more lost, great!

But it makes me think even more about newcomers at our church.  How many inside jokes, conversations, and friendships do we all have that make newcomers feel lost?  Are we creating a culture where people don’t fit in?  Do newcomers feel welcome or are they seen as “just passing through” and when they put in enough time, then we will let them in on all the “secrets” that we have been withholding?

That’s a challenge for me.  I pray that people are always made to feel welcome at GCC.  Whether this is their first week or the 507th (which would just about add up as we are almost into 10 years at GCC!  Get outside of your comfort zone and make others more comfortable by greeting them warmly.  Even better, introduce them to friends of yours and welcome them into your circle of friends.  Maybe they are the next new person that will be in your cell group?  Who knows…