Inspiration from Dancing Nancies(song)

O.K., so I have a confession to make.  I listen to Dave Matthews Band.  It’s great music to mow my lawn to.  The song “Dancing Nancies” begins by asking a series of questions:

Could I have been
A parking lot attendant
Could I have been
A millionaire in Bel Air
Could I have been Lost somewhere in Paris
Could I have been
Your little brother
Could I have been
Anyone other than me
Could I have been
Anyone other than me
Could I have been
Anyone other than me

Let me say this, I am so glad that I am who I am and that you are who you are!  I see so many people living their lives through other people.  They have no idea what their true identity is because it is so wrapped up in other things, people, places.  I see this with young people who have no clue who they are, so they experiment with different looks trying to “find themselves”.  I see it in parents who have talented kids.  They live out the life they never had by carting their kids off to every sport event that is humanly possible to take part in.  3 separate soccer teams, each with it’s own schedule, then right into baseball, “oh! is it hockey season?!  Sign Billy up!”

We need to slow down and just “be”.

Be happy with who you were created to be.  Be content with what you have.  Be happy with where you are right now.

Now I understand that there is some value in striving for things.  I am not wholly satisfied with exactly where I am at in ministry or life.  I believe God has so much more for me, my family, and for the youth that I pastor.  But there is a difference in striving for something and being consumed with it.  God’s timing is perfect and I know that His will is going to be fulfilled for my life when I am ready to walk it out even more fully.  By rushing ahead of God I take Him out of the equation and force things to happen.

Just like we do so often in other areas of our life…  There is a rhythm to life and when we move with it rather than against it we are more fruitful and God gets the glory!

So, Mr. Matthews, be who you are – and rock out on that guitar!  And I’ll work on being me.  And for the rest of you out there…  Be you, the one and only!

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