Bass Fishing


Dan Fontaine would be so proud of me!  On Monday I went fishing with a friend, Rick Fredrickson, who had been hounding me all summer long to go fishing with him.  Fishing has been my idea of slow death for a long time.  The last time I went fishing was when I was much younger and I never caught anything.  This time was different.  Rick restored my faith in fishing!  We caught many Bass, Pickerel, and Perch.  I personally caught 6 fish and Rick caught another 10.

With Dan’s last write up in his mission newsletter about a “friend” who refused to go fishing (yes, Dan, I know you were writing about me…) I pray that he has changed his mind about me.  To set the record straight – I know how to fish, I just think it is boring!  That is why I choose not to go.  But who knows, Rick and I had a good time out there on the pond.  I may be back.

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