Archive for August 18th, 2007

Touchcard testimony

I was reading a blog by Eric Geiger from down in Florida.  He tells the story of a guy from their town that showed up at one of their morning services with a hand full of touchcards that people had given him over the past few months.

It was because he had been handed these cards by so many people that he decided to stop by and see what all the fuss was about.  It truly is the little things that we do that will help reach out and connect others with the Father’s love and with one another.

Just a quick plug, we’ve got new touchcards being printed and should be available next week.  Swing by the Information Kiosk and grab a handful – but don’t keep them to yourselves!  Give them all away to people you meet each day.

Bass Fishing


Dan Fontaine would be so proud of me!  On Monday I went fishing with a friend, Rick Fredrickson, who had been hounding me all summer long to go fishing with him.  Fishing has been my idea of slow death for a long time.  The last time I went fishing was when I was much younger and I never caught anything.  This time was different.  Rick restored my faith in fishing!  We caught many Bass, Pickerel, and Perch.  I personally caught 6 fish and Rick caught another 10.

With Dan’s last write up in his mission newsletter about a “friend” who refused to go fishing (yes, Dan, I know you were writing about me…) I pray that he has changed his mind about me.  To set the record straight – I know how to fish, I just think it is boring!  That is why I choose not to go.  But who knows, Rick and I had a good time out there on the pond.  I may be back.