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Barry Bonds Rookie Card

I, for one, do not believe that Barry took steroids at any point in his career and believe he will be in the Hall of Fame someday.Below is a copy of his rookie card.


disclaimer: I know this one has been going around all over the internet, it’s just so darn funny I had to post it…

Salsa Time!


That’s right!  My garden has produced all that I need to make the world famous “Rev Kev’s Kickin’ Salsa”.  Aside from missing jalepenos (which I snagged from my mother-in-laws garden on Wednesday) we grew all of our own ingredients this year.   The girls act as my taste-testers and as always Makenna gives it2 thumbs up and Megan says I should call it “Rev Kev’s Spicy Salsa”.  When she says that I know that I hit the bullseye with just the right combo of veggies.

So anyway, if you are passing through Penacook and are looking for an excuse to visit us on our vacation…  now you have one.