Patriots Preseason Game 1

“Well, it’s a start.” Those were the words of coach Bill Belichick as well as myself.  It’s game 1 of the preseason and after a long day at Water Country with the youth it was a great way to spend the evening.  It was great to see all of the new pickups that the Pats have made during the off season.  I know Pastor Peter won’t like seeing Wes Welker playing in the red, white & blue but I guess the fish (I know a dolphin is a mammal – this isn’t a marine biology blog, loosen up!)  couldn’t keep him around.  He’ll be  a great addition to the receivers on offense.

Overall, yes, they lost.  But it’s preseason…  so what!  My question to you all as Fall is on its final approach – “Are you ready for some football?!”  Every Sunday at our house, bring some munchies to share and we’ll pack you all in to watch the game.

This week begins my vacation week and Kim and I are headed down to the final open practice day down at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday evening.  I’ll post some pics from there to share with y’all.

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