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I Will Overcome


I spent the day in the sanctuary resetting the chairs after having the carpets cleaned yesterday.  Charlie Hall was my music of choice.  Great song by him called “I Will Overcome”.

I know that pushing chairs around all day can seem like a mindless task, believe me it was…  but it was a great time to pray for lots of people and all sorts of things that are going on in the lives of so many people.  Here are the words to the song:

And I can see that my hands are trembling, I can see that my legs are weak
I can see that my head is spinning, but I will overcome
And I know that my heart is hurting, And I know that my soul it aches
And I know that it seems I’m failing, but I will overcome, yeah

O Lord I’m strong in You, O Lord I am wise in You
O Lord I can see in You, so I will overcome
O Lord I’m loved by You, O Lord I am free in you
O Lord I’m complete in You
So I will overcome, I will overcome, I will overcome

God listen to me shout, I’m so far from anywhere and I’m calling out
Lead me, lead me to the rock that is higher than I
You’re my breath, You’re my breath, You’re my very life
Infinite, Holy King meets weak and frail Christ in me
And I will overcome not by my strength but by Your grace and love

What truth in that song!  Be encouraged today.  Even though you may feel overwhelmed with whatever it is that you are dealing with – He is so much bigger than your problems!  May you, today, lay hold of the promises that are given by the Creator of the Universe!  May you rely even more on His strength as you persevere and experience victory.  Know that you are not alone.  There are many people that can and will stand with you as you trust in the Lord to bring you through this.

Evangelism Events, rethinking it all

I was over at Life in Student Ministry’s post on outreach events this morning and tossed in my thoughts on the whole subject.  Tim was lamenting over the amount of time and resources that are put into big outreach events to only see one or two new youth walk through the doors.  Most of the youth in his group won’t invite new people to this big event and he was wondering why.

Here are my thoughts:

Less of an “event” and more of a way of life. We try and get involved in the regular life of the youth and meet them at their places.

Whether it be going to a sporting event that they are in, swinging by their schools, visiting them at work – we all have to eat, right?, or just swinging by their house. I have found that when I make these efforts to meet with the youth on their turf they are more apt to introduce me to their friends and that begins a connection then with them. I may say one small bit about joining us at our student ministry and then continue the talk about them.

While some are under the school of thought that they must make the most of every opportunity – and I agree with that – they take it to the extreme by trying to get kids whom they have just met to repeat the sinners prayer with them. I see that, oftentimes, as pushing more youth away. When we engage with them at their level and on their turf they are more open to hearing what we may have to say on our turf.

Many of the youth that are regulars really appreciate this partnership in reaching their friends and I believe it serves as a great approach to those in our ministry for modeling a natural lifestyle of evangelism.

Big events geared towards outreach, most times, just suck the life out of you and your leaders. When we serve the youth in our region with our time and attention we yield a much greater return for the Kingdom.

What are your thoughts?  Drop a comment and share your experiences…