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Memories of Andrew at Soulfest


I brought the girls up to Soulfest on Friday night to hang out with the teens from GCC and catch Casting Crowns in concert.  Before they went on a guy from Massachusetts who sponsors this big cross where people can nail things to the cross and leave them there came on stage.  He started by thanking the leaders of Soulfest for being able to have the cross there and how it has been a place of healing for so many.

He then went on to share about a 13 year old boy who came by last year and took the Soulfest pledge – which basically states that they would follow Christ and live out His teachings all the days of their lives.  He shared about Andrew, and how he was so excited to take the pledge and how he hung the paper that he signed on his fridge at home.  Each day he would invite his friends from home to Impact and none of them would come.  Back in March Andrew contracted meningitis and just a few hours later passed away and went home to be with Jesus.  The very next week some of his friends began coming to Impact.  Shortly after this many of them gave their lives to the Lord as well and are now regulars at Impact and GCC.

The challenge here is to live faithfully, each day, the way that Jesus has called us to.  Andrew never quit asking his friends to come to church and never shied away from sharing about how God had changed his life.

Do we give up?  If we hear people say “no” does it keep us from asking others?  Andrew never gave up.  Even after Andrew’s passing I count him as a great evangelist to his friends in Hooksett.

May we always remember Andrew for who he was, but may we also live lives worthy of the way he lived his.  I pray that the ripple effect of his life would continue for years to come.  May that be of us as well!

Oh, by the way, Casting Crowns was awesome!