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Clean Water

We have launched an initiative to provide funding for wells to be dug in villages throughout Rwanda.  Our initial goal is $20,000.00, which would provide clean water to 5 villages as well as an education fund for children in orphanages, is just over $2,300.00 so far.

Our first fundraiser is taking place this Saturday in Pittsfield, NH.  We will be staffing all of the parking lots for the Hot Air Balloon Festival.  While staffing the lots and collecting the parking fees we will also be selling cold, bottled water.  Our desire is to raise another $2,000.00 through this effort.  If you have the day free please come and take in the Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Your parking fees will extend much further than just Pittsfield.

For every $3,000.00 that we raise we are able to have one well dug.  Our goal is to have 2 wells dug in Rwanda by the end of this month.  We are also designing a t-shirt that will bring awareness to the great need  for clean water in Rwanda.  We’ll have those ready to sell in about 2 weeks with 100% of the profits going directly to the well digging project in Rwanda.

So, let’s get creative.  What ideas do you have that we could put into play to raise the $20,000.00?  Comment here and let us know.  We’d love to have the entire funding for this project by the end of 2007.

If you are looking to donate to this cause you can send a check made payable to GCC – Rwanda Clean Water to Grace Capital Church, 542 Pembroke St., Pembroke, NH 03275