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Mr. Mom


Kim headed out of town this morning for the weekend.  She is down in Palm Beach, Florida with Joyce Jackson.  I figure after all of my travels this summer which ended up with her at home taking care of everything she deserved a break.  Joyce has a friend down there where they are staying which was a plus for me (less $$ needed for the trip!)

Pray for Megan and Makenna this weekend.  They already miss Mommy which made bedtime was a sob-fest.  We got to play checkers tonight and read all kinds of stories.  The Concord Library is an awesome source for never-the-same bedtime stories.

Sunday morning will be lots of fun.  If any of you women are out there reading this – come early for the 8:30 service and help fix their hair!  For their sakes more than mine…

Prayer Request Update

I’m healed!  I woke up Wednesday morning and felt much better!  Thank you all for praying for me.  I fully believe that through your prayers God has healed my appendix and there is no need for surgery.

35 years old and I still have all my original parts! (even though my dentist wants my wisdom teeth from me…)

One of the Best Ways to Spend an Evening…

I had a great night last night with my friend, Bob Germain. He works for a computer networking company, and was given a few tickets to the Patriots last pre-season game against the NY Giants. Not just any tickets – luxury suite tickets! We had a great time, eating, drinking, watching the game… Throughout the whole night we had a hostess in the suite that just kept asking us if there was anything else we needed. So this is how the “beautiful people” live! It was an amazing night with a great friend watching a great team.

Thanks Bob!



I’m sorry, but seriously.  What are people learning in school anymore?

Angels in the Automobile


When I drove into the parking lot this morning I noticed that one of the trees and a light post  that were positioned in an island in our parking lot had been knocked over.  It looked as though a big truck had tried to make a u-turn in the lower lot and had not seen the tree or the light.

When I got into the office I received the whole story…

So there was a car parked in the driveway of the house across the road from the church.  The emergency brake gave way at about 7:30am this morning.  The car rolled down the driveway, through the very large bushes in their front yard, over the curb, across Rt. 3, down our front lawn, between a few trees, around the swing set, just by the dumpster, across the parking lot, over the small tree and light post, down to the lower parking lot over the cliff and then came to a dead stop at the bottom when the fire hydrant didn’t want to move.

Serious bit of intervention on God’s part that:

a- no one was injured (Rt. 3 is a busy road at this time of morning.

b- nothing, aside from a light post and a tree, was damaged (well, the car isn’t in very good shape…)

c- the path that the car took was all over the place (I think there was an angel going for a joy ride and he just had to hit something so he went for the tree!)

Check the pictures of the whole route on the Flickr sidebar…

8:28 or 8/28?


I know that most kids were not looking forward to today with it being the start of the new school year.  I spent a good deal praying for many of the youth as they began another year of academia…  I also can’t help but see the significance of todays date (8/28).

Look to Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Many students today are feeling like “what good can come from me going to school?”.  I believe this year can be an amazing year for our students.  I believe that many will be used by God to “work for the good of those who love Him”.  Students, what can you do to make the most of this year?  What is it that you have been called to do?  Maybe help a friend feel connected?  Maybe reach out to one who feels unknown?  Is there a word of encouragement that you can share with someone who needs it?  Are you in a class so that you can be a positive example to someone who is headed down the wrong path?

Just because you aren’t feeling like this new school year is anything to be celebrated doesn’t mean that it can’t be.  Make the most of your opportunities and trust that God will do His part…

A Day at the Beach

Megan began school today.  I still can’t believe that she is in the 3rd grade.  More than that, I can’t believe that she looks forward to going to school!  I’m still trying to figure out where she came from…

We began a tradition this year.  We’ll visit the beach the day before the start of school each year.  Every summer we go to Hampton at least once and this year we waited until the last minute.  But it was well worth it!  A trip to Hampton Beach is never complete without a visit to Little Jack’s.  Lobster at it’s finest…


Prayer Request – updated

I went to see the doctor today.  He’s thinking appendicitis.  I’m waiting for an authorization from my insurance company for a CT scan.  After spending quite a bit of time on the phone with the insurance company I have drawn the conclusion that the term “health” care needs to be changed.  The only thing that they care about is their bottom line…  So, tomorrow I may get in for a CT scan.  At this point I am not feverish so that is a good sign.

Be praying that I won’t need anything at all.  I believe completely that healing can still take place.  The pain can go away and the swelling can go down.  Please pray for this.

Prayer Request

I don’t usually bring things up like this because I have a pretty high threshold for pain.  Would you all pray for me?  I have been having some pretty severe abdominal pain throughout the course of the day today.  So much so that I spent the last few hours laying down with big cramps.

Please pray that this pain would go away.  Pray that I would be healed of whatever is causing this pain.

Just to show that I am still in good spirits, here is the song that has been rolling through my mind all day…

2 Weeks for Water


I did it. For 2 weeks (actually 2 & 1/2 now) I made no purchases of the liquid kind. I drank water straight from the tap and brewed my own coffee at home. Over the past 18 days I actually drank more water than I would have and the added health benefits of not drinking soda are noticeable as well! I have more energy, feel better, and have lost a few pounds.

So, the tally right now for me is $47.00 that I have saved for clean water wells in Rwanda. I am excited to hear about some of the youth that have taken this challenge as well. This Wednesday night we will be collecting all that the youth have saved.

On a side note, today is Old Home Days in Pembroke. The theme is “It’s A Wonderful World” and our church has a booth that we have done up Rwanda Style. We’ll be selling sno-cones at the booth and all of the profits will be going to the clean water wells project. If you are in Pembroke today stop on down to Memorial Field and grab a few sno-cones! We’ll be there till 9:30pm and they always have a great fireworks display at the end of the night.