At the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv

Well, we, along with everyone else in Israel that wants to leave the country and fly home – wherever that may be – are here at the airport.  Getting through security and to the ticketing agent was a nut house!  To all of you who have complained about airport troubles before – we trump your stories!  It is currently 4:36am, we have not slept in 20 hours and may not for many, many more.  The good news is our plane is scheduled to take off for New York at 7:15am.  The bad news is that the airport is set to shut down due to the Civil Workers Union strike at 6:15am.

Please continue to pray that we get on our plane as planned and fly the friendly skies back to the greatest place on earth to live!  Israel is great and I have fallen in love with this land – but New Hampshire is home, and that is where I want to be!

One thing that they have over us in the states is that I am on free wireless right now.  Can’t beat that…

I’ll keep you all posted as to our status.  If you don’t see any new posts anytime after midnight (your time) we are on a plane headed home.


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