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Foursquare Convention and “The Covenant”


Tonight we had the privilege to view the musical “The Covenant”  This musical tells the story of Israel, the Jews, and the Promise of God.  It was a beautiful weaving of song and storytelling beginning with Abraham’s encounter with God all the way up to the declaration of Statehood for Israel in 1948 by Ben Gurion.

This was a very emotional retelling of the story of Israel.  I believe even more so after our visit today to Yad Vashur.  This is the Israeli Holocaust Museum.  I have a few photos from outside the museum but out of respect for the victims and in keeping with the solemn environment that is in the museum no pictures were taken.  At the entrance of Yad Vashur is the scripture from Ezekiel 37:14 – This speaks so deeply of rebirth and hope!


Our first area that we visited was the Children’s Memorial.  I simply can not write the words to describe the emotions that I felt throughout my visit to this memorial.  From sorrow, grief, sympathy and even anger and outrage, I was on a roller coaster throughout my time on the grounds of this memorial.


It brought up a new commitment to stand up for and speak out about injustices that go on all around us.   The realization that we as the United States did nothing about this happening until after the bombing of Pearl Harbor was infuriating to me.  My prayer is that we never as individuals or as a country will ever allow something like this to happen again – however, Rwanda and Uganda and Darfur are all ringing in my ears right now…

We visited the Model City at the end of our day as well.  This was fascinating!  The whole of Jerusalem in a scale model that is 1 inch to every 3 feet.


As I am tired tonight this will be the end of the post.  I’ll add more tomorrow.