Miraculous Places

Today we started out at convention.  Our tour began at the Pool of Bethesda.  This is the location that Jesus healed a man who had been suffering from an affliction for many years.  Jesus asked a profound question to the man, “Do you want to be healed?”  How many of us, even though there may be suffering in our lives, hold onto the pain because it has become part of our identity?  Rather than seek healing from our pain we hold onto it and remain in the place where we suffer for years.  Jesus asked the man if he really wanted to be well.  That is a challenge to you all as well as myself.  Are there things in our lives that we hold onto rather than seeking healing?  Do you want to be healed?  Ask the Father and He will set you free!

The pools here were very large and quite deep – up to 50 feet in depth and 200 feet wide.  That may have been why the man replied to Jesus that there was no one to help him into the pool when the water stirred.  Because of the depth of the water, those with afflictions may have needed assistance in staying above the surface.


From the Pool of Bethesda we went on to the Garden Tomb.  Two sites were seen at the Garden Tomb.  Golgatha (or Skull Hill) and the Tomb where Jesus was laid.

Golgatha gets it’s name from the look of the face of the cliff.  To the right in this picture are 2 small caves that look like the eye holes in a skull as well as the small stone that juts out between them forming a nose.  Looks like a “skull hill” to me!


We then moved on to the Garden Tomb.  The garden were the tomb was located was owned by a very rich man named Joseph of Arimethia.  The tomb was carved out of the stone and was designed to be a family burial tomb.  When Jesus was brought down from the cross Joseph donated his tomb for a burial site for him.  I guess we could say it was only on loan.  The tomb is still empty today!


Praise God for the resurrection and all that it means for us today!


We are off to convention again for the evening.  We will be walking the Via Dolorosa tomorrow as well as visiting St. Peter Gallicantu which is the site where Jesus was beaten by the Roman soldiers.  They have built a church on top of this site but some of the original floor exists where the courtyard was.

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