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His Will is to Be Desired

Today we began in the Jewish Sector of the Old City, within the walls of Jerusalem.  Our first stop was at the Upper Room.  There was a German group there singing hymns in German and the way the room is constructed with arched ceilings the sound that their singing made was beautiful.  We spent time praying in this location and then headed to a room below where it is believed that King David’s Tomb resides.  The picture below is of an oil lamp that burns outside of the synagogue at David’s Tomb.


From there we went on to the Wailing Wall.  I can only describe this experience as unbelievable.  Understand, we do not pray to the wall – but focus on the one that the wall was built for.  This is the only remaining wall from Solomon’s Temple.  To see the endless number of papers that were crammed into the smallest of cracks in this wall is incredible.


After spending time praying and interceding on behalf of all the requests that were posted here and for the services at GCC that would be taking place later that day we all regrouped to head to the Southern Steps.


This would have been the traditional location of the entrance and exit for all Jews making their way to Temple.  The people of this time had a great handle on crowd management as the way in and the way out are separate with the entry on the right and the exit on the left.  We at GCC stand to learn many things about how to design a parking lot from these folks!  Even the design of the stairs was done in such a way as to keep people walking down them slowly in order to keep people from falling and being trampled by the masses of people leaving Temple.

After lunch we headed to the Mount of Olives.  The view across the Kidron Valley towards Jerusalem is spectacular.  It is almost too much to take in in just one viewing.  This picture does not do the city view justice.


We made our way down from the top of the Mount of Olives walking the same pathway that Jesus did on his Palm Sunday march into Jerusalem.  This was incredible!  To be walking in the very same place that Jesus is known to have walked…


We stopped at an overlook of the city where Jesus had wept over the city.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.”

We spent time at this location interceding on behalf of all those in the city who do not know Jesus as Messiah.  Not only the Jews, but Muslim and Arab as well.  It is written in Scripture that before Jesus comes back the 2nd time all of Jerusalem will be with Him!  Let us all be reminded to pray for revival in Jerusalem!

Once at the base of the Mount of Olives we stopped at Gethsemane.  The word actually means “olive press”.  The olive trees that are in the garden here at up to 2000 years old.  Some of which could have been right where Jesus collapsed when He prayed in Gethsemane.  To see a tree that is so old was amazing.  They literally keep regenerating new growth.  Out of what looks like dead stumps are new shoots constantly sprouting up.


Gethsemane was were I led the devotional and talked about how we need to surrender hopes, dreams, struggles, plans, things, and pain over to the will of God.  It is only through Him that we can be made strong and persevere through all things.  We spent time praying in the garden before leaving to prepare for the start of our convention.


Tomorrow, Pool of Bethesda, Garden Tomb, Church of the Holy Sepulcher.   We have convention in the morning and evening so we will only be touring in the heat of the afternoon.