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Temple Mount and Wailing Wall on Sunday, July 22

We will be headed to the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall on Sunday.  One tradition here is to write out prayer requests and place the paper in cracks in the wall.  So, here is what I will do.  Comment here and leave your requests.  We will pray as a group for your requests and place them in the wailing wall here in Jerusalem.

Please just specific requests and keep them short.  I will have to write out your requests by hand on paper so make them short as I am unsure of how many I may receive from you all.

Please send them by Saturday evening at 10pm EST as I will be heading out in the morning and we are 7 hours ahead of you all.

Many Blessings to you all,


Come Let Us Go Up To Jerusalem!


Today began with us checking out of the Gai Beach Hotel in Tiberias and heading south to Jerusalem.  Along the way we stopped in Bet She’an, which is the best preserved Roman city in all of Israel.  The magnitude of this city could be felt as soon as we entered the gate.


With an amphitheater, 2 bathhouses, acropolis (or upper city), marketplace, places of worship, stables, and housing  it was an incredible sight to be taken in.


For fun our tour guide brought is into what was once a shared restroom.  We all shared a laugh as we experienced what it would have been like.  They looked comfortable so I decided to have a seat…


The entire city was leveled in 749 BC by a massive earthquake.  It wasn’t until just 20 years ago that the top of one of the enormous columns was exposed and drew interest from archaeologists.   At that time they began uncovering what we see today.  It is one of the greatest discoveries, as the city has been well preserved underground for centuries now.  It has been decided that most of the city will remain toppled and just uncovered so that people can see how it would have looked after the earthquake.


From Bet She’an we continued south and  stopped at Gideon’s Spring.


This is the location that the Lord directed Gideon to weed out those who would not be able to fight against the Midianites.  They went from 32,000 soldiers down to 300.  You can check out the whole story here in Judges 6.  While at the spring I couldn’t help but prove that I would have been found worthy of fighting with Gideon.


From Gideon’s Spring we continued the long trek south.  Along the way we stopped for a bathroom break and happened upon a Bedouin who had a camel.  Jeff, as well as many others, took him up on the offer for a ride.  It was after the experience that they found out $5.00 was the going price for a 10 foot travel on the back of the camel.  All together he made about $100.00 off our group today.  I’m thinking he tripled his family income for the week…  Maybe he’ll invest in 2 used camels and start up a chain up and down the Jericho Road. (I’m thinking franchise!)


After paying the Bedouin Rent-a-Camel Guy we were off to Jerusalem.  As we exited the tunnel that separates Jerusalem from Bethany we all rejoiced at entering the city.  We stopped on Mt. Scopus to view the city from above.  As we prayed for the many in Jerusalem that have yet to turn to Messiah I was brought to tears.  I literally stood there in the heat of the day with goosebumps.  There is something amazing about being in Jerusalem.


Upon entering the city we checked into our hotel and settled in for the evening.

Tomorrow we begin our journeys around Jerusalem along with a swim (float) in the Dead Sea.