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High Places

This morning we boarded our bus and headed to Nazareth.  The place where Jesus was raised.  We went to Mt. Precipice.


This is the high point of Nazareth where an angry crowd grabbed Jesus and wanted to throw him over the cliffs.

The people were enraged because Jesus, the carpenters son, showed up in the temple and began reading from Isaiah 6 – check it out – After reading this scripture he set down the scroll and stated that this very day you have seen it come to pass.  He made the townspeople very angry by this claim.  As he was brought up to this high point he just simply walked away from them – a prophet is not welcome in his own town…


From Mt. Precipice we headed over to Mt Carmel.  This was the location where Elijah had his showdown with the prophets of Baal.  450 false prophets against 1.  Read the story in 1 Kings 18:16-39.  This is the place.  It was very cool being in the very place that many people finally made the decision and proclaimed “The Lord – He is God!”


Then onto Megiddo.  This is a cool place.  The hill that this city is built on has 25 layers of cities.  Each time the city was conquered they would level the city and rebuild on top of the old city.  It speaks of the value of this location.  25 times a new city was built on this site.  Some of the walls in the city date back to 1500 BC (and I got to touch them!)


In the middle of the city there is an area that had been excavated and an alter was uncovered that dates back to 2700 BC.  Wow!  Very Old Rocks!


The final layer in the city shows King Ahab’s ability to plan a city with good fortification.  The spring for fresh water was located outside of the city walls.  King Ahab had a tunnel dug under the city and a whole dug into the center of the city that would give people access to the water without need of leaving the city.  This gave the people the ability to stay fortified while under siege for over three months without need to leave the city.


Our last stop today was at Ceasarea.  This city is located on the Mediterranean Sea.  We went to the amphitheater where Paul gave testimony before Festus, Agrippa & Bernice.  It was also the location where Corneliu, the first Gentile, received Christ as well as his whole family.  This was the starting point for the Gospel to be opened to all of us!


From the amphitheater we entered the ruins of Herod’s Palace located right on the Mediterranean Sea.   This place was huge.  In all real estate the saying goes, “location, location, location”  He had it all.  The setting for the palace right on the shore was beautiful.


Tomorrow we change hotels and head to Jerusalem.  This will be quite a day.  Many of our group took a last chance swim in the Sea of Galilee tonight.  Such a cool way to end our time here in Tiberias.