Youth Camp Results

I finally got my act together and added up all of the cabin response sheets that the leaders filled out the last night of Youth Camp. Here’s the results of your fervent prayer:

From a total of 244 in attendance at this years camp we saw

16 First Time Salvations (can I get an AMEN!)

53 Lives Rededicated to the Lord

42 Holy Spirit Baptisms

21 Youth Called into Full Time Ministry

$2,328.86 Raised for Wells to be dug in Rwanda (our goal for the end of the year is $20,000.00)

We had 12 churches participating in this years camp. 9 were Foursquare, 1 was non-denominational & 2 were Baptists (I like to call them Bapticostals!)

Thank you all for your prayers – but know that your job is never done. Please be praying for the youth throughout this Region every day of every week. What has been “ignited” at camp this year needs to be fanned into a mighty flame that will never burn out. Make that your cry to the Lord each day…

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