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We’re Home – But We’re Not Finished!

Well, sleep is to be had real soon.  It’s been a great week and we are now home and getting laundry done.  Kim and I were going over the whole week as we drove down to Mass to pick up the girls from my in-laws house.  This has been a great week and we both want to thank you all for your prayers.  I’ll be getting the ministry results posted up here in the next couple days as we go through all of the cabin response sheets.

I will let you in on a really exciting number though…  One of the things that we did on Thursday was to cast the vision for an awesome new opportunity that we are jumping into for the youth of the Northern New England District.  We are supporting 2 causes directly that have the potential to change thousands of lives both physically and spiritually.  The 2 causes that we are getting behind and a district are clean water for Rwanda and an educational fund for the orphans in Rwanda.  Our goal is to raise $20,000.00 through the students around Northern New England.  This week at camp, after sharing what the needs are and the reality of death and destruction that the people of Rwanda face every day, the  students gave towards that goal of $20,000.00.  The total that was given by the 246 people that were at camp this week was $1,703.86!  We are well on our way to reaching the goal of $20,000.00.  We will be allocating $15,000.00 to go towards digging well in 5 villages in Rwanda.  Thousands of families will directly benefit from the endeavor for years to come.  No longer will a mother have to give her child water that is full of parasites that could kill them.  No longer will people have to drink from puddles on the ground that most of us would even hesitate to walk through.  No longer will mothers and daughters have to spend over half of their day – every day – to gather water that will used for cooking, drinking and cleaning.  The ripple effect that these 5 wells will have is amazing!  The other $5,000.00 will be sent to an orphanage in Rwanda that the Smyths are working with.  This money will go directly to the education of the children of the orphanage.  These children are the future leaders of Rwanda.  With the proper education they will be able to rise up and one day lead their nation out of the economic turmoil that it is in today.

Please pray for this new endeavor!  Pray that the youth around Northern New England would commit to make personal sacrifices to raise this money.  Pray that they would be creative in how they could have others contribute.  Pray that many would have new opportunities to share with people around them about this situation in Rwanda and enlist them in the aid of this country.

May many lives by altered as we rise up as the body of Christ and do what He has designed us to do!