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Come Holy Spirit!

Tonight we will be ministering directly on the Holy Spirit.  Please be in prayer for an openness to the Holy Spirit in the lives of our youth.  We have had many breakthroughs in the lives of the youth here so far this week and I believe tonight is going to be especially powerful.  We have felt the power of your prayers all through this week and know that we will see much fruit from the time you have spent on your knees this week.  Thank you all!

We have had many youth who truly have arrived on this campground hungry for the Lord.  I believe that rather than waiting until the last night of camp to respond many were ministered to directly the first 2 nights.  Last night was fantastic as many youth let go of past hurts in their lives and truly did experience “Independence Day” in a new way.  However, the Lord keeps speaking -“I’m not done yet!” These youth will all be heading back home tomorrow and will be smack back into regular life with all of it’s challenges and temptations.  Pray that the journey that many began and others walked further down would continue in POWER!

As a final note – we had to postpone the fireworks last night due to the weather.  Tonight it’s a go!  Pray for safety and for a very memorable last night of camp.