Worship – Tuesday evening service

Tonight Tim Mossholder spoke about worship.  He spoke prior to our time of worship in order to give time for applying the word at the end in a time of praise and worship to the Lord.  During this time of worship many people broke down walls that were in their lives that they had built up.

An opportunity was given to those who would like to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many  responded.  We will be talking directly about the Holy Spirit on Thursday evening and giving another opportunity for people to receive so please be praying for that night now!

Kim and I shared our hearts with the youth about going further than we have – entering the inner courts of His temple in worship – but in order to do that we must allow the fire of the Lord – His CONSUMING FIRE – to burn away all of the impurities in our lives.  We don’t want a worship pep rally – but sincere, intimate worship.  Another time of worship followed and we saw many breakthroughs with the students.

Please be in prayer for tomorrow as David Grasso speaks on LOVE and how God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of LOVE.  Pray for those who have not been able to receive love from God in the past and pray for those who need more of a touch of His love.  Pray that during our times of worship going forward for the rest of the week, that we would see more times of intimate and true life changing  worship.

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