Relationships – please pray for tonights service

Tonight we will be talking about relationships.  God’s fire is meant to be shared.  That is the key theme that we will be covering.  We will be calling kids to unity.  Unity in the youth groups that they are in and unity in their families.

In addition we will be talking about healing past wounds from relationships that we have from family and friends.  We are praying and would ask all of you to join us in praying that some would be delivered from the pain and heartache of the past.  We will be calling them to a time of forgiveness for things that have happened to them in the past. This could be a time of great transparency!  Please pray for that.  We want many of these kids to let go of the things that are keeping them from experiencing the fullness of God.

In addition, please pray for the weather!  We have a fireworks show planned for them at 9pm down at the beach and would love to have that go on as planned.  Pray that the clouds that are threatening right now would be blown away and hold back until 11pm.  It can rain all night after that!

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