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This morning Mike Longfellow of Hallowell, Maine spoke about God’s power – that we have not been given a spirit of fear but of POWER.  He spoke from his own experiences as a power lifter – actually a national champion at age 20!  We need to EAT, TRAIN & WIN.  We must feed ourselves the word of God in order to grow and live in His power.  We must train, just because we have the knowledge of His word in our lives does not mean that we live by it.  We must Train and act according to His word.  Ending the message with Winning.  When we run we run to win.  We run in a way to win the prize that is set before us.

As a great example of eating and how it can affect our growth Mike showed a picture of a python that his friend owns.  He feeds it once a month and it is about 7 feet in length.  He then opened up a case and pulled out his python.  This snake was a sibling of the one in the picture.  Mike feeds this snake 3 times a month and it is 16 feet and over 200 pounds.  Talk about an example that won’t leave the minds of the students here!

To see the dramatic effect of regularly feeding yourself for growth was great.  My prayer is that all of the youth would be able to apply this to their lives in the way that they look at God’s word and the frequency in which they open it.  Pray for a hunger and thrist for God’s word in the life of these youth.  We know that Jesus promises – when we hunger and thirst for the things of God we WILL BE FILLED!