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Prayer Update Sunday, July 1 10pm

Just spoke with Tim Mossholder – our camp speaker – he and the worship team just landed at Logan Airport and are headed up to GPC.  One piece of missing luggage that was later recovered and they are on their way!  Praise God for luggage handlers who find missing stuff!

Our leadership team had a great meal tonight at The Bad Moose Cafe and now we are finishing up our sound/media set up.  Cool winds are blowing off the lake tonight.  Pray for warm weather tomorrow for registration and open hearts to start the week out.  We don’t want the kids to hang on until the last night before entering into worship.  We want to start right off the 1st night with hungry hearts for the Lord.

We are all set for registration tomorrow and are looking forward to a great day.  Tim and the worship team should be here about midnight and then off to bed.  I will update more in the afternoon tomorrow – Monday.