Real People

I started this thought a little while back.  Our values with Impact…  Real People being number 2.  This goes beyond who we have as leaders.  Yes, we want our leaders to be down to earth and not fake.  Students need to understand that the adult leaders don’t have everything all figured out in life either.  We struggle just like everyone else.  The important part of this is that, while we question things about life, we know the true source of life.  We understand that God has it all figured out and the more we trust Him and lean into His understanding the easier and more managable our lives can be.

Even more so, we want students to be real.  I am so tired of Sunday school answers and washed over comments about how life is going.  My desire is that if a student is having a tough time that they would be open about it and give us the chance to help connect them with the ONE who can help them through all things.  Understanding also, that often times He chooses to use us to help others as well.  Life is too short for fake appearances and glossed over answers.

Let’s be real – all the time!

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  1. Posted by Chris on June 29, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    Also, if you try to come across fake, the youth will pick that out quicker than you know it.


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