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What’s Your Passion?

I’m still amazed when I see people who don’t look the part step into something such as youth ministry and shine. I have learned over the past 10 years that students don’t want the “hip, cool” guy. They want someone who cares about them. They desire to be cared for. They are looking for someone who is passionate about them.

Jeff Cerow pointed me to this guy. He’s a cell phone salesman. But that isn’t what he is passionate about. He loves to sing opera. Check it below. This is amazing!

Well, Paul Potts went on to win the whole competition – who would have thought!? Opera! Are you serious? It leads me to my question for you all – What’s Your Passion? The youth of this area need people who are passionate about God, passionate about them, and passionate about seeing them connect in relationship with HIM!

Listen to his comments after his incredible performance. Have more confidence in yourself. If God has put the desire and the passion to serve youth then do it with full confidenc, knowing that He will give you the words to speak and and the ability to handle the tough times when they come…