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impact-i_color.jpgMy car broke down yesterday.  The belt that runs from the cooling system broke because the bearing in the pulley froze up and cause the pulley to be out of alignment.  My mechanic told this all to me this morning while all I could think of was “how much is this going to cost me?”

This rings true in what we do with Impact as well.  (o.k., thanks God for messing with my car so I can have an analogy to use…)

Sometimes what we are doing needs to be redefined.  Some things can get knocked around and out of alignment, which causes other things to get messed up.  I do not believe that we are heading in the wrong direction but I also  want to be proactive in ensuring that we never do!  I believe we are making an impact in the lives of the youth in the Capital Region and we are seeing fruit in the lives of man of the students here.  Over the past year we have had many new youth come through our doors, not only as visitors but also regular attendees.  I believe we have created an atmosphere where youth can connect in relationship with Jesus and others and, in turn, go out and make a difference in their communities through the love of Christ.

As I said above, I believe that we are “winning” at what we are trying to accomplish.  But how can we measure this?  I have a statement that I pray will clarify what a “win” looks like.  “A win happens at Impact when a student has a meaningful interaction and discusses life-changing principles within the context of a small group”

What does this look like?

Our greeters need to be aware of those who need to get connected with other students and creatively communicate the importance of relationships, so the win for the greeter happens when students choose to get connected with others.

The worship leader should strive to create an atmosphere that prepares students to hear the message, so the win for worship happens when students participate and their hearts become open to truth.

The speaker is positioning the message to set up small group time, so the win for the speaker is measured by how well students discuss the teaching during the group time.

In the end, if students participate in an effective small group, we win; if they do not, we lose.

I’ll be posting ongoing points about how we lead an effective ministry as the days and weeks go on.

Here’s to winning – because we know what is at stake if we don’t…