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Why we do what we do…

There are nights driving home after a long evening with the youth that I wonder, “why am I doing this?” The thought to me is startling as I know that God has called me to pastor youth. There is nothing else I would want to do with my life. And that is when reality floods back in. I love this! I love what I do. After almost 10 years I can still say that firmly. I love that God has called me into ministry.

I know that many times it is a thankless thing that I do. I look around me at the many youth who have come recently and I thank God. It’s not about me. It’s not about me getting a pat on the back and a “well done”, this is about connecting youth into a relationship with Jesus. I am seeing many do just that. It’s amazing! As I recount the hard times over the past few months, March was really hard – I would go so far as to say the hardest month in ministry ever for me personally. When Andrew passed away so quickly I was stunned. And yet, the fruit of his life and his passion for God is so evident and even now still being experienced. I look at the 12 youth that are now a part of Impact that had never come before, but because of Andrew’s life and his continual inviting – even after death – they are now here.

I look around at the environment that we have created, where youth can be themselves and be free to invite others – where church doesn’t have the stigma of being boring and irrelevant – but is a fun place to be. I see all of the new youth that are coming in – visitors every week! God exceeds our prayers every time. I think of the changed lives that are all around us because we don’t step carefully around the sensitive issues – I am so glad that my Sr. Pastor gives me the freedom to challenge the youth to live a life of uncompromising commitment to Jesus. Even today, I received an email from someone who found us online and wanted to thank us for being bold enough to speak about sex, divorce and homosexuality without skirting the issues and making things look all nice on the surface.

Real talk about a real God is what we are about. Nice, safe talks don’t follow the pattern of Jesus. Plain talk about who He is and how He can help us through life are so much more life-impacting than a pretty story and a scripture.

So I guess that is core value number 1. Straight Talk. We won’t play games with the youth of NH as we talk about what it means to live a life connected in relationship with Jesus Christ. You want answers, we’ll talk, we’ll help young people with their doubts and fears. We can walk through the hang-ups because the bottom line is that we have all been there ourselves.

Which leads to core value number 2. Real People. More to come on that later…

how priorities change

we brought the kids to Storyland today – just a few short miles away from the Presidential Range in Northern New Hampshire. 9 years ago I would have killed someone to get over onto those mountains to hike and climb all that granite goodness. Now, 9 years later with 2 kids in tow, I couldn’t have been happier riding on the teacups and sitting by the pond as Makenna tried to catch a duck. It still blows me away that I am a dad. Even moreso, I am amazed at how priorities change over the years…

How have your priorities changed over the years? Is life still all about you? let me know your thoughts.